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Pokemon Diamond , Pearl and platinum



On Pokemon you get a choice of starter Pokemon which are turtwig,chimchar and piplup.I started with piplup and my brother started with chimchar.The first Pokemon you meet in the wild are bidoof and starly. On diamond the main legendary is dialga but on pearl it is palkia.It gets darker the further it is into the night. on diamond you get different fossils than on pearl. The main Baddie is team galactic until you beat them and catch palkia/dialga. The game play and the graphics are excellent.But even after you beat the elite four there still more to the game because you need to catch all 493 pokemon in the national dex.There is also a global wi-fi connection room where you trade pokemon and they are going to make a new game with different edits for example you see dialga , palkia and giratina at spear pillar it is called pokemon platinum and you first meet cyrus at lake acucity. The torn world is a new place in the game and you can play games using the touch screen over nintendo wi-fi connection and also using nintendo wi-fi you can send messages.the gyms will also change like in these words which tells you about gym 5 this Gym has changed drastically. Instead of navigating multiple levels and hoping you choose the correct door toprogress to the next area, it appears you are in a darkened maze, with only a flashlight illuminating the area directly in front of you. Bordered up with Duskull lamps, you will be able to see where other trainers are. Your task is to get through the maze to find Fantina and battle her.You can also catch the three regi’s without having to transfer them.In flaroma city you get a special flower called glacidia’s flower which can change shaymin’s form.There is also a battle factory and battle factory making a return from old games.You also meet your starter pokemon for the first time just outside twin leaf town.Also you get different rooms for different rooms in the new wi-fi place and soon in japan there will be a special mew room. For more information about the game click here.
you can trade between all three games 🙂
PLATINUM NOW OUT IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
rating 10/10 multi player with more than one cartridge 🙂


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