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On Pokemon pbr you can upload the pokemon from your ds you have different Colosseums to beat each with a different leader and way to battle you can also using two ds games and you get ranks depending on how many times you beat a colosseum the hardest colosseum to beat is stargazer colosseum because it is the only colosseum with legendaries and you have to beat 8 sets of 4 trainers and you have to beat the colosseum leader twice he also has different pokemon depending on which pokemon game you use to transfer your pokemon on to the wii.I am stuck on neon colosseum which is a fortune battle you have to press a over the wheel while its moving and it decides which pokemon you get depending on when you press the a button.There is also a cheat to get the heated gift and the shocking gift go to to get your countrys code be warned it didn’t work for me.


wii sports

This game gives you a choice of bowling,baseball,boxing,golf and tennis this amazing variety of sports and the game has been so good that my cool dad organised an amazing competition called wiimbledon where 12 people competed for a voucher at game.Plus you can use your mii’s that you have created and it comes free with your wii and on all of the sports you get a rating and if you get over a thousand rating then you are a pro and it gives you harder people to beat and if you have a friend over they can play as a guest who doesn’t have a rating at all. On wii sports you also get an age and 20 is the best age you get it by playing on wii fitness and to unlock more games to play you have to play on practice.


ford racing 3


On ford racing 3 there are a few modes on competition mode you get to go in a car and complete the first level then you have a choice of which place to go to depending on which place you go to you get a different car.On quick race mode you race against 5 other people and you drive in a red Ferrari.

9/10 multi player  with more than  one cartridge


the simpsons game


On the Simpsons game first you give your pet homer some chocolate and then he falls asleep and dreams about chocolate world and you need to move homer round the level by killing chocolate rabbits , jumping on and off of marsh mellows and jumping onto moving burgers.After you kill a rabbit at the top of a cake homer turns fat and you fall into the cake and your only attack is dash attack. After that you go to the map and choose the museum you get to be homer and bart.

10/10 multi player with and with out more than one cartridge


bomberman ds


On bomber man you have to save your planet by blowing up the baddies and then finding a portal to the next level.You get items to use which help you complete the level for example a bomb which make you able to use two bombs at the same time or a detonator which makes you put down a detonator and then press b when you want to explode it.

9/10 multi player with only one cartridge


Diddy Kong Racing


On diddy kong racing you star off with 12 characters and you can unlock 4 more characters you get golden balloons to get onto the next race track or area of racing.Every time you beat an area you need to beat the boss of the area once you have beaten all of the area,s and helped Taj a few times you get to beat the evil person called wizpig.I forgot to say you always in every area have to free time trial by beating him in a race.the graphics and game play are fabulous.

9/10 multi player with and without more than one cartridge


42 All Time Classics


On forty two all time classics you can play 42 different games there are card games like rummy and texas hold’em there are also board games like chess and backgammon and there are also games like darts and bowling.It has great graphics and excellent game. Even adults like it. you get mission and stamp modes to play on which are very hard.

10/10 multi player with and without more than one cartridge

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