Pokemon Diamond , Pearl and platinum



On Pokemon you get a choice of starter Pokemon which are turtwig,chimchar and piplup.I started with piplup and my brother started with chimchar.The first Pokemon you meet in the wild are bidoof and starly. On diamond the main legendary is dialga but on pearl it is palkia.It gets darker the further it is into the night. on diamond you get different fossils than on pearl. The main Baddie is team galactic until you beat them and catch palkia/dialga. The game play and the graphics are excellent.But even after you beat the elite four there still more to the game because you need to catch all 493 pokemon in the national dex.There is also a global wi-fi connection room where you trade pokemon and they are going to make a new game with different edits for example you see dialga , palkia and giratina at spear pillar it is called pokemon platinum and you first meet cyrus at lake acucity. The torn world is a new place in the game and you can play games using the touch screen over nintendo wi-fi connection and also using nintendo wi-fi you can send messages.the gyms will also change like in these words which tells you about gym 5 this Gym has changed drastically. Instead of navigating multiple levels and hoping you choose the correct door toprogress to the next area, it appears you are in a darkened maze, with only a flashlight illuminating the area directly in front of you. Bordered up with Duskull lamps, you will be able to see where other trainers are. Your task is to get through the maze to find Fantina and battle her.You can also catch the three regi’s without having to transfer them.In flaroma city you get a special flower called glacidia’s flower which can change shaymin’s form.There is also a battle factory and battle factory making a return from old games.You also meet your starter pokemon for the first time just outside twin leaf town.Also you get different rooms for different rooms in the new wi-fi place and soon in japan there will be a special mew room. For more information about the game click here.
you can trade between all three games ๐Ÿ™‚
PLATINUM NOW OUT IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
rating 10/10 multi player with more than one cartridge ๐Ÿ™‚


dr. kawashima’s more brain training

This is a great and challenging game for example one of the games might be called time and date and on this game you have to answer visual questions like it might say what is the time and then you have to work out what the time is by looking on a tilted clock on the ds . It has quite good graphics and it may give you challenges when you daily play on it also sometimes after you do a game you unlock another game.There is one hidden game called germ buster which you unlock by tapping the one with ??? right at the bottom.The ds isn’t the same way around as a normal game it is on it’s side.


More pikimin

Nintendo have just released pikimin for the wii in japan click here to go to the Japanese website


mario and sonic at the olympic games

This is such a great game because Nintendo and Sega join up together make one game ,the graphics are really high quality also there is a wide variety of Olympic sports.If you come first loads of times in arow on one game you unlock it on dream mode where it is a lot harder to come first because there are more things on it to make you lose but the hardest one is definitely shooting because there are so many rounds each getting harder on every turn and you have to win overall the rounds to come first.


Wii play

This game is great when it comes to two people games because it has different varieties of games here are a few examples of the nine games on it tanks and laser hockey on tanks you are a tank that needs to blow up some other tanks.First thing when the game comes up is you need to choose a mii to use and then you choose a game to play.This is another one of those games where the wii remote is used to the full extent and when I bought the game it came with a wii remote also on single player you get medals for doing well then it sends a message to the wii message board to show what you accomplished.


super smash bros brawl

This is another game made by Nintendo although there are two sega characters in it.This is a 32 player game if you include a type of battle in group mode and on adventure mode you can play with two people.There are other types of battles including the contest brawls and others.Unlike mario kart you start of with more players and more places to brawl including 6 melee stages.There are a lot more items than on the gamecube version and every character has there own final smash for example pokemon trainers is triple finish or pikachu’s is volt tackle.One of the only way to unlock charcters is to beat them after you beat your friend the first one you can beat is and unlock is ness the easiest way to beat him is with king dedede.After you unlock all of the characters you unlock all-play on solo mode.


lego indiana jones

Really want this great game but has let you down on the controls it feels like lego has wasted the use of the sensor bar but you can watch clips from the movie but funnier and with Lego people instead my favorite level is the boulder levelย  because it is quite hard even though it is the first level.The game play is very challenging and also part of the events in the movie have been taken out,his friend on the boulder level dying, most of the levels give you great detail though.


super monkey ball bannana blitz

On this game the single player mode is a little harder because you are the board and you have to get the monkey to the finish.(I even found the easiest level hard at first)The remote you have to hold horizontally and the graphics are great also every time you beat a world you get a golden banana which the baddies stole at the beginning . There are also lots of mini games giving you wide variety of choice my favorite ones are hammer throw and the tightrope also a few minigames need the nunchuck.

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